Due to current quarantine restrictions we are only offering carry out options. Becuase of this we will be serving a limited menu. Please visit our order now page and click on our online ordering icon to see what we are currently offering. We look forward to serving you!

Carry Out Sides

Sides available for Carry Out

BBQ Beans


Delicious and homemade BBQ flavored beans.



Made sweet and crispy with fresh cabbage.

Potato Salad


Creamy, delicious, and you guessed it...homemade!

Carry Out

Items for pick up during COVID_19\



Thankfully, "this town is big enough" for more than one BBQ classic. Enjoy a Texas favorite, seasoned by hand with our signature rub. Smoked to perfection and served for your dining pleasure. Served with 2 Sides and cornbread

Pork Ribs


1/3 rack of our slow smoked baby back ribs. Can't get enough? Make it a 1/2 for $4 more or a Full Rack for just $10 more. Comes with 2 sides and a cornbread.


Want to take home a bottle of one of our signature sauces? We’ve got you covered with our 8oz containers!

4.95 for each sauce.
Tony’s Original
Sweet Heat
Eastern North Carolina 




Pulled Pork


Fall in love with the Smoky Tony's way. ST's Pulled Pork is seasoned with our secret dry rub, smoked until "fall apart" tender and will leave you wondering why you didn't order more! Comes with 2 sides and cornbread

Chopped Pork


A regional classic, our ENC chopped pork pays homage to our Carolina home. Enjoy as the Smoky Tony's way and Tradition come together in a dish you won't forget! Comes with 2 sides and cornbread.

Smoked Chicken Quarters


Enjoy our take on an timeless dish. Our smoked quarters will make you want the whole chicken. Comes with 2 sides and a cornbread

Small Family Pack


Feeds 5-8 people. Your choice of 2 meats, 1lbs of each, two large sides, choice of BBQ sauce, (Smoky Tony's Orginal, Smoky Tony's Sweet Heat, Smoky Tony's Brisket Sauce or Smoky Tony's ENC Vinegar Sauce). Comes with cornbread.

Large Family Pack


Feeds 10 to 15 Your Choice of two meats, 2 lbs of each, and two extra large sides, your choice of 2 sauces (Smoky Tony's Original, Smoky Tony's Sweet Heat, Smoky Tony's Brisket or Smoky Tony's ENC Vinegar Sauce). Comes with Cornbread.

Banana Pudding


Our delicious homemade pudding served to a chilled perfection.


Pulled Pork Sandwich


Our pulled pork served on a brioche bun with you choices of sauce (on the side of course) and 1 side.

Pulled Chicken Sandwich


Our smoked dark chicken meat pulled from the bone and served on a brioche bun with your choice of sauce on the side and 1 side.

Brisket Sandwich


Our delicious brisket served on a brioche bun. With your choice of 1 side and sauce.

ENC Chopped Pork Sandwich


Our take on a Carolina Classic! Chopped pork that is cooked in our ENC Vinegar sauce. Served on a brioche bun with 1 side. Optional side sauce.

House Salad


Fresh greens, carrots, cheese, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and your choice of dressing, croutons, additional meat options. Chicken-3.00 Pork-3.00 Brisket-3.50

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